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management study~


-implimentation of major policies and decision.
-performance or management of business.


-subset of administration associate with technical purchasing.
-doing the work inside department.

iso 9001 - 2008

-international organization for standarzation that set standard
in many business and technology.
-it provide requirement or give guidance on good management quality.

Inventory control

-it keep track of all furniture, equipment and recal property.
-it responsible for property inventory record, receipt processing,
and department supply activity.

Human resource

-employing people, developing their capabilities, performance management,
maintaining and compensating services with the job and organization requirement.

Quality control circle

a small group, about 5-10 people from the same unit who meet regularly
to identify, select and analyse work related
problem,then forward suggestion solution to the management to solve the problem..

conceptual mental block

-since, we are born, our teacher or our parent teach us about
how to solve the several problem. after we grow up,
we still use that way to solve the problem, it is call conceptual mental block.
to get out from that situation,
we must use lateral thinking and autocratic thinking.


-the defects are difference between result that you could optimally get with available resources and result you acually get.
now the goal of QA is to reduce this gap (ABNA) to zero..


need of an individual to be motivated

-physiological need : food, water, breathing.
-safety need : shelter, protection.
-social need : friendship, love.
-esteem need - respect by other, respect from other.
-self actulization : morality, problem solving.

factor which influence an individual desire to be motivated
-need, vision and dream.
-developing a love to learn lifestyle.
- to overcome and to face the problem or the failure.

way to motivated the employee or staff

-increase staff salary.
-always interact with the staff.
-give reward base on their performed.
-give punishment if their do wrong.
-provided the safety and good work environment.

quality of good manager

-treat staff well.
-thinks like a winner.
-recognize the difference.
-set realistic goal.
-prevent de-motivation.
-job financial enrichment.
-know how to handle the problem.


-it is force that create behavior to fulfill a need and is connected to


-it is a individual or group discussion with people who
know how to give people motivation and spirit to face the problem
in their life.


plan - to establish objective and process to deliver result.
do - implement proses (do ask what plan)
check-monitor, evaluate the process and result again objective.
act- take for improvement.

5 principle of QM

-total quality management.
-quality control circle.
-desk file.
-work procedure manual.

quality control activities

-mA linearity.
-kv accuracy.
-time accuracy.
-radiation leakage.
-scatter radiation.
-focal spot size assessment.
-AEC evaluation.
-xray field.

criteria program QA

-repeatability of result is assured.
-should be simple.
-should be easy.
-should be quick.
should be unexpensive.

iso 9001

-is a quality system management standard.
give guidance on good management practice.

TQM ( total quality management)

-it is philosophy at a perpetual improvement.
-refers to process managing guality.

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